Rochester, New York Family Photographer

Four Boulter Generations

Rochester, New York Family Photographer

Grandpa always said she was his lucky charm. She is kind, compassionate, observant, loving, and fierce. She has five children. Twenty-four grandchildren. Thirty-four great grandchildren [soon to be thirty-six!]. And one great-great grandchild.

I've learned so much by watching her, talking to her, and just being around her. She mostly sits back and observes all the fun, and at the same time she's not ever afraid to join in the shenanigans. She's in her nineties, and you will likely find her in last group at the campfire. She sends so many greeting cards in one year that she almost broke the system at the Hallmark store when she figured out she had been accumulating rewards. She and a few helpers set up an Easter Egg Hunt at her home every year with hundreds of eggs. She hosts Christmases for an average of fifty people in her finished basement. She welcomes new members into her family with joy, open arms, and an open heart. She never misses an opportunity to make someone feel special. Every single person in her family feels like they are the most loved and cherished of them all. 

I say to her often, "Grandma, can you believe you created this mess?" She looks at me slyly; looks around at her beautiful, crazy family; her eyes light up; she gives a smile; and shrugs her shoulders--loving every minute of it. 

[These photos are from a four generations family photo session. When Marilynn pitched the idea to me, I loved it immediately and these ladies did not disappoint. We laughed and had so much fun. I hope they enjoy these memories for many years to come.]

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