Mom. Wife. Photographer. Wannabe Explorer. Recovering Perfectionist. 

I love living in my hometown, Penn Yan, New York. I love real moments and words. I horde them both in my photographs and on my Pinterest boards. I spend as much of my free time as possible with my family and friends. I'm loyal to a fault. I met most of my friends for life in elementary school and never looked back. 

I'm spending a lot of my free time lately exploring in whatever way I possibly can. In the summer, this means camping, hanging, and hiking with my family. In the winter, it means traveling to far off places I've never seen (next up: Costa Rica!) and heading to the ski slopes often. I'm mostly a homebody, but learning to seek adventure and new places as I grow older. 

Photography was not on my radar. Like, AT ALL. I never thought I would be doing something creative. In fact, if you had told me that I would be a stay-at-home mom pursuing photography, I would have laughed at you. HARD. 

I struggle often. With my photography. With momming. With life. If you're a person who never thinks anything you do is ever good enough, we're rowing in the same boat. I call myself a recovering perfectionist, and I mean it. I fight it every day. This photography journey is helping me understand things. Mostly about myself. [If you're interested in hearing more on my life journey, check out my blog page.]

Penn Yan, New York Photographer


Husband and Father Extraordinaire. Workaholic. Sportsaholic. My Person.

I'm serious. He's pretty much my hero. He's patient and kind. He'll work all day and come home and do the dishes because I was too focused on Harper or my work to do them that day. He never complains. He just takes care of us. And he's dang good at it. 

He loves competition. Watching it. Participating in it. Winning it. Which is why he won't play me at scrabble because, let's face it, I'm good at that game. He falls asleep watching some sort of sporting event every night, which means he turns it on and falls asleep in approximately three point seven seconds, at which point I either watch This is Us or turn the television off and read my book. 

He's pretty much the total opposite of me. Which is the best part about him. 




Fierce. Funny. Independent. My Favorite Subject. 

If you don't like her, you may as well leave my page now. Because she's all over it. I saw a quote one time that said we photograph what we are most afraid of losing. It's SO TRUE. 

Current likes. Her Daddy. Me (most of the time). Play-Doh. Babies and stuffed animals. Mickey Mouse. Silly faces. Doing 'somefing'. Going out to eat. Telling 'secrets' or giving kisses and hugs, which are the same thing in her world. She's famous for starting her sentences with, "Mommy, I was thinking we could..." Sometimes we do. Sometimes we don't. Through all of it, she and I are together. Every day. And that's how we like it for now.