Mom. Wife. Photographer.

I am lucky to be surrounded by amazing people in my life. I have a patient, hard-working husband, Brian, and a very independent four-year-old daughter, Harper. I love living in my hometown, Penn Yan, New York and you've probably already noticed that I like to utilize Keuka Lake's beautiful, natural surroundings in my photos.

My photography journey actually began shortly after my daughter was born. I knew time was fleeting, and those little baby rolls, tiny hands clenching around our fingers, and gummy baby smiles wouldn't last forever. I wanted to capture every memory that I could--cling to those moments. I wanted this not only for myself, but so that she could look back on those photos someday to see what our life was like and how loved she was right from the very beginning. 

Penn Yan, New York Photographer

Home design. Family. Friends.

Besides being a photographer, I am passionate about home design. I love playing with design in my own home and also enjoy visiting other people's homes and seeing what moves them. If you were to walk into my home, you would see photos on my walls. My photos are evidence of the people and things I love most, evidence of things in life I could not bear to lose. Not only does it show visitors to my home that I am passionate about the people in my life, it shows the people in those photographs how loved they are. That's why, in an era of digital photos that are often never printed, I strive to provide timeless wall art and photographs that will be cherished for many years to come. If you like, I can also help you decide what would look best and where to hang it.

I want to capture this season of your life.

I want the walls of your home to tell the stories of your life.

I want your moments and memories to live forever in print.

Family Photographer Keuka Lake

True. Authentic. Emotive. 

Three words that describe me. Three words that describe my creative work.

My goal is to capture what your phone can't; your family's essence, your true selves.

Most of the photos you see in my gallery are the in-between moments. Do I get the smile with everyone looking at the camera shots? Yes, I do that too. But my passion lies in capturing moments and memories that are real; moments and memories that may be forgotten had you not hired me to freeze time for you: your child's silly face s/he always makes, that mischievous grin that tells you they're up to no good, that little chubby hand holding yours, the way s/he plays with your hair when they're tired. All of that. And so much more. 

Penn Yan, New York Birth Photographer

If you're anything like me, you rarely get into a photo unless it's a selfie.

Are you delaying because you think you should wait until you lose those couple extra pounds?

Are juggling a million and one things and you dread the work that goes into planning a photo session?

Don't wait. Let me do the planning. Let me guide you and our ideas will grow into something to be treasured. Your family loves you. When they look at photos of you, they will see love. Capture that. Trust me, you'll be glad that you did. 

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